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  Provincial Grand Lodge of Staffordshire



Mon 22nd January 2018 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 24th January 2018 Installation Meeting (5.30pm Start)
Mon 26th Febuary 2018 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 28th Febuary 2018 Raising (6pm Start)
Mon 26th March 2018 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 28th March 2018 Raising (6pm Start)
Mon 23rd April 2018 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 25th April 2018 Meeting (6pm Start)
Mon 21st May 2018 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 23rd May 2018 Meeting (6pm Start)
Mon 24th September 2018 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 26th September 2018 Meeting (6pm Start)
Mon 22nd October 2018 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 24th October 2018 Meeting (6pm Start)
Mon 26th November 2018 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 28th November 2018 Past Masters (6pm Start)
Mon 10th December 2018 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Thu 12th December 2018 Christmas Business Meeting (Masons Only) 6.30pm
Mon 21st January 2019 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 23rd January 2019 Installation Meeting (5.30pm Start)
Mon 25th Febuary 2019 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 27th Febuary 2019 Meeting (6pm Start)
Mon 25th March 2019 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 27th March 2019 Meeting (6pm Start)
Mon 22nd April 2019 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 24th April 2019 Meeting (6pm Start)
Mon 20th May 2019 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 22nd May 2019 Meeting (6pm Start)
Mon 23rd September 2019 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 25th September 2019 Meeting (6pm Start)
Mon 21st October 2019 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 23rd October 2019 Meeting (6pm Start)
Mon 25th November 2019 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 27th November 2019 Past Masters (6pm Start)
Mon 9th December 2019 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Thu 12th December 2019 Christmas Business Meeting (Masons Only) 6.30pm
Mon 20th January 2020 Rehearsal (7.30pm)
Wed 22nd January 2020 Installation Meeting (5.30pm Start)
Rehearsals are open to all members of the Lodge.Presentations are subject to change.

Thu 15th February 2018 St Johns Chapter Meeting
Thu 22nd February 2018 Committee Meeting 7.30pm
Fri 9th March 2018 St Johns LOI Festival Meeting 6pm
Thu 19th April 2018 St Johns Chapter Meeting
Sun 22nd April 2018 Charity Lunch
Tue 24th April 2018 Annual visit to Stability Lodge (Stourbridge)
Tue 15th May 2018 Staffordshire Provincial AGM
Tue 5th June 2018 Committee Meeting 7.30pm
Tue 4th September 2018 Committee Meeting 7.30pm
Thu 18th October 2018 St Johns Chapter Meeting
Tue 6th November 2018 Committee Meeting 7.30pm
Fri 9th November 2018 Ladies Night

If you would like to support the other lodges that meet in these rooms you can view the Masonic Rooms Calendar by following this link: